Convierte a tu mascota en una almohada



Bebé (12") Pequeño (16") Medio (20") Grande (24")

Convierte a tu mascota en una almohada

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Con la capacidad de convertir cualquier foto que nos envíe en un cojín abrazable, esta almohada única captura la esencia de sus mascotas, amigos o familiares de una manera encantadora y personalizada. Su impresión personalizada aparecerá en ambos lados de la almohada.


Bebé (12") Pequeño (16") Medio (20") Grande (24")

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Want a UNIQUE gift that will make them cry, laugh, OR both?

Transform a special pet or person into a cushy custom pillow that will 100% leave all bystanders SPEECHLESS when they open your gift.

YOUR gift will be the STAR of that party - whether it be a birthday, graduation, wedding, christmas... you get the point.

And if you send us your photo today, your Custom Face Pillow will arrive at your door in as little as 5-10 days!

Best Keepsake for Missing Loved Ones

Whether you are missing someone who's far away, or lost a loved one, a specially made pillow can be a sweet remembrance you can keep in any room.

Funny Prank for Unexpected Receivers

The ideas are endless here... you are sure to shock your unsuspecting person (or pet)!

How to get your Custom Face Pillow?

1. Submit a high-quality photo of your subject - the higher the quality of your photo, the more detailed your pillow print will be!

2. We will take care of the rest!

Our customer support team will contact you if there are any problems with your photo.

3. Your custom pillow will arrive in 5-10 days!

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